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Accessing Tools on Scholars Bureau

  1. Download our Extension: To begin using Scholars Bureau’s tools, you need to download our extension. This extension enables seamless access to the various tools available on our platform.
  2. Extract the Extension File: After downloading the extension, extract the file to ensure it is ready for installation. This step may involve extracting the contents from a compressed file format like ZIP or RAR.
  3. Copy the Extension File to the Browser: Once the extension file is extracted, copy it to your preferred browser. Each browser has its specific installation process, so follow the instructions relevant to your browser type.
  4. Pin the Extension for Easier Accessibility: To enhance convenience, we recommend pinning the extension to your browser’s toolbar or taskbar. This makes it readily accessible whenever you need to use our tools.
  5. Go to Your Dashboard: Now that the extension is installed and pinned, navigate to your dashboard on the Scholars Bureau website. Your dashboard provides a centralized hub for accessing the tools.
  6. Click the Access Button: Within your dashboard, locate the tool you want to use and click on the “Access” button associated with that tool. This action will open a new browser tab or window.
  7. Click “Click Here on Me”: In the newly opened tab or window, you will find a button labeled “Click Here on Me.” Click this button, and it will dynamically change to “Now Click on the Extension.”
  8. Click on the Pinned Extension: To finalize the process and access the tool, simply click on the pinned extension in your browser’s toolbar or taskbar. This action will launch the tool, allowing you to utilize its features and functionalities.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly access the various tools provided by Scholars Bureau. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our platform as you embark on your academic writing journey.

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