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Affordable Pricing

Our premium tools are bundled into subscription plans. This means that, as writers, you can access multiple premium tools at very affordable prices in one subscription plan with various tools.

24/7 Access to Tools

You can access all the tools from one dashboard hence you won't need to keep track of multiple login credentials. You can also access tools at odd hours since they are available 24/7 on your dashboard.

Auto Login Feature

Our site has an auto-login feature, giving you direct access to each premium tool with just a single click. This makes the process of access to premium tools seamless.


We understand the frustrations of writers and employers in accessing premium academic writing tools. This is why this website makes access to tools seamless.

Our Packages

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Standard Plan

800 / Month

  • Turnitin Instructor
  • Grammarly
  • Quillbot
  • Claude 3 Opus, POE
  • Canva Pro, Netflix, ChatGPT Plus

Pro Plan

1,100 / Month

  • Standard Plan + Stealth Writer, Phrasly AI Remover,
  • 2 Claude 3 Opus
  • 2 ChatGPT Plus
  • 2 Netflix
  • Bypass AI

Does Scholars Bureau provide shared or dedicated accounts?

Scholars Bureau, an academic writing tools provider, offers shared accounts while ensuring the security of user data on their servers. Even Scholars Bureau itself cannot view or monitor your information, prioritizing client privacy as their main focus. The company is committed to enhancing the security measures continuously to provide an increasingly secure environment for their clients.

How many IP addresses/Devices are allowed on Scholars Bureau?

At Scholars Bureau, users are restricted to one account each and cannot share their access with others. Engaging in multiple logins from different IP addresses or devices will result in permanent account suspension. Furthermore, the use of proxies, VPNs, or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is strictly prohibited.

When does the user get a refund?

Scholars Bureau will only process a refund if any primary service/tool remains non-functional for a duration of three or more consecutive days.

How do I get access to my purchased tools?

Scholars Bureau grants access to tools through a customized dashboard, offering direct access. However, in certain instances, users may need to install extensions in order to access the tools.

Are there any limitations in the usage of the accounts?

The majority of tools and services provided by Scholars Bureau have unlimited access. However, there are a few tools that have specific limitations in terms of usage. For more information about these limitations, you can reach out to our chat support.

Our Tools

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